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Fillings and Restoration

At Go Dental we believe in early detection and treatment of decayed or damaged teeth and aim to restore teeth wherever possible at the earliest opportunity.

A dental restoration also known as a dental filling is when a dental restorative material is used to restore the function, integrity and morphology of the missing tooth structure which has usually occurred through dental caries or trauma to the tooth.

Fillings and Restoration

At Go Dental our dentists restore teeth with a tooth-coloured composite resin or glass ionomer material. Your dentist will effectively places the composite in layers, using a light specialised to harden each layer. The filling will then be finished off by shaping the composite to fit the tooth and then polishing the composite to prevent staining and early wear.

The advantage of composite fillings is that they can be made to match your particular tooth colour, thereby giving each patient an almost invisible restoration that looks natural. Furthermore, composites bond to the tooth to support the remaining tooth structure, which helps prevent breakage.

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